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Just let it all go - I Am Woman

Just Let It All Go

If you’re making preparations or if the decision has already been made about coming to amazing Thailand for your holiday, more than likely you are coming to escape the chill...

Healthy Resolution - I Am Woman

Healthy Resolution

  [qodef_blockquote text="If I hear another New Year’s resolution, I think I’m going to scream!" title_tag="h4" width=""]   This statement is becoming more and more prevalent these days. As people witness their friends,...

Mangosteen - I Am Woman


Visitors to Thailand share a common ‘to do’ list whilst enjoying the “land of smiles”. At the top of this list is the opportunity to get their hands and their...

Fit in 50 - i Am Woman

Fit in 50

I remember the conversations, like they were yesterday. A group of us young girls in our 20’s sitting around the table laughing and talking it up about the latest fashion...


Coo Coo for Coconut

Every year or so there’s a new super food ‘cure-all that beats all’ taking center stage. Media from around the globe including the U.K., Australia and America have now deemed...